Frequently Asked Questions

What the hell is FFCU?

FFCU is a FREE for commercial use image & photo resource platform for stunning lifestyle imagery for modern creatives.

Which licence is used?

Every image at FFCU.io / FREEFORCOMMERCIALUSE.net is licensed with the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, also known as Public Domain, without copyright or also copyleft. So you can use them FREE for all commercial or personal works.

If you need more information about Creative Commons please go to the license page.

I would use images for a commercial project. Am I allowed to do this?

Naturally, you can work with all image and photo FREEBIES for any commercial project. Whatever which medium web, print, video, audio and so on...use it for hi-res prints on canvas, give away as photo, print postcards, design a webpage or produce a pint magazin, flyer or poster or simple as dummy demo content.

Can I use them at my different social media accounts?

Surely you can post it at your profile or user account and as postings. Also for webbanner, header images, blogs...
Also includs commercial pages for example at Xing, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn.

What can I do with the photos?

You can do what you want...edit and modify the photos, delete picture details, add text, use filters or presets, remix, mash up or something any other way.

Be creative.

• Use it for your commercial and personal works.
• Use it for yourself or on behalf of a client.
• Use it on its own or as part of a new and independent work.

Please be respectful to registered trademarks. Some rights reserved.

What can I not do with the photos?

Everything disowns what against valid right in real life too. For example violence, sexism, social exclusion, discrimination of every kind.

Please note:
• There is not include a property release for things, (logos, tradmarks etc.).
• You do not compile all the photos from „ffcu“ and create or replicate a analog page or competing service.
• You can’t sell the photo as it is. The standalone version, is given to you for free.
• You can’t sublicense or resell the photos.
• You can’t transfer the photos to third-party stock websites.

Please be respectful to registered trademarks. Some rights reserved.

Does I must add an attribution to the source or the photographer?

An attribution to the image source is not needed. But if you like the page and the images, it would be helpful for the other one pursued if you add a photo credit like:

Markus Spiske www.ffcu.io

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